Wedding/Commitment Ceremony

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Why not make your wedding preparation and ceremony special?

The choice and process of committing to a life partner is a profound experience. It deserves to be prepared, created, and enacted in an intentional and meaningful way. We are here to support you with many aspects of this life transition.

Personal Preparation

No that long ago, couples traditionally would sit with a priest, an elder, or a Medicine Man or Woman to be guided into considering the complexities of joining two lives together. From logistical details to emotional conversations, these critical pieces were supported by others who had gone through the transition. We offer several ways to support you in doing this emotional preparation:

Five-Meeting Preparation Series

couple on bikes during sunsetIn a series of five meetings, we guide you to vision your lives together and discuss details that you may not have considered.
We cover topics such as:

  • Personal and collective visioning and goals
  • Personal self-care needs: together and apart
  • Financial considerations
  • Family and friend relationship engagement
  • Involvement of children
  • Spiritual beliefs and holidays
  • Rituals you want within your relationship


Ceremonial Rites of Passage Severance Ceremonies from Identity of Being Single

Stepping out of your identity of being single into that of living in partnership is a significant shift in identity.  Even if you have been in relationship for a while, there is something about making the commitment and saying “yes” to partnership that can bring up a plethora of emotions.

In these one-to-three day Nature-based Rites of Passage experiences, you have the opportunity to separately grieve your single life and identity, ceremonially complete anything that needs completion, get in touch with your inspiration and desire for partnership, and come together while looking more intentionally at the life you want to create together.

Depending on time and financial considerations, this can range from being supported to design and execute the ceremony on your own, to having the whole thing facilitated for you so you can relax while you are guided through the process.

Wedding Preparation & Design

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Couples Marriage Wilderness Rite of Passage

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Wedding Ceremony Facilitation

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