burning candleRites of Passage Global Training
9-month international online training for therapists & helping professionals
Online | February 22 – November 15, 2022 | More Info
A training for creating and facilitating personally meaningful, culturally relevant ceremonies and rites of passage. For those wanting to deepen their transformative work with others. In partnership with Haaweatea Holly Bryson of Nature Knows.



mountains by lakeIntro to Therapeutic Nature-based Interventions:
Theory and Tools to Immediately Apply In- and Out-of-Doors
March 17 – May 5, 2022 | More Info + Register Your Interest
8-week training to obtain essential skills & knowledge of fundamental nature-based therapeutic practices.



mountain with river and pathCollaborations with the Natural World: Therapeutic Nature-based Tools
5-Day non-residential immersive training for therapists & helping professionals
Just outside Boulder, CO | June 8-12, 2022 | More Info + Register Your Interest
Collaborations with the Natural World is an experiential immersion into therapeutic relationship with the natural world. This training will inspire, deepen and transform your relationship to yourself, your work and ultimately to the natural world!


a lit candle sits next to a yellow leaf on a rock; a depression in the rock is filled with water and reflects the blue skyHonoring Change: Ceremony, Ritual, & Rites of Passage as Tools for Transformation
5-day Residential Intensive Training
On private land just outside Boulder, CO | July 20-24, 2022 | More Info + Register Your Interest



insect with leavesConnecting with Ground: Nature-based Interventions for Working with Trauma & Nervous System Regulation
4-Day non-residential experiential training for therapists & helping professionals
Lyons, CO | August 18-21, 2022 | More Info
In this training that is described as personally and professionally enriching, we focus on the basic theoretical underpinnings of trauma and nervous system regulation as well as explore a wide range of mindfulness-based nature interventions for managing stress and trauma symptoms that may arise within counseling and educational programming.


stacked stones with circle in sand

Uncovering Genius: Harnessing Your Inner Wisdom through Nature-based Parts Work
5-Day highly experiential non-residential training for therapists & helping professionals
Near Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX | September 28 – October 2 | More Info
Join us for a deep dive into Parts Work theory & practice within the setting & support of the natural world. Gain a solid understanding of the function of our inner parts, a roadmap to uncover & work with clients from this paradigm, & a deep awe of the way in which doing this work in the natural world can greatly enhance your work with clients.


hand and heart with sunsetSomatic Soul-Based Trauma Training
55-Hour Training with Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP for therapists & helping professionals
Online | Begins in October of 2022 | More Info
This training will provide you with essential skills, theory and practice of somatic and soul-based tools and interventions for trauma, attachment and nervous system regulation.



A NOTE REGARDING COVID-19 PROTOCOLS FOR IN-PERSON PROGRAMMING: we will be monitoring the evolving situation and giving updates to program participants on our own specific protocols. These protocols will be based on local, state, and federal recommendations and requirements as well as outdoor industry best practices and will be communicated closer to the program start dates to ensure we are keeping current with appropriate precautions. For additional questions or information contact us at [email protected]