Somatic EMDR Tools for Grief and Loss

2022 Dates TBA

Boulder, CO

somatic emdr workshopThis Somatic EMDR Workshop — taught by Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP through the Maiberger Institute — is designed to help EMDR therapists learn how to work with grief and loss using EMDR therapy. We often hear EMDR therapists say that they can’t work with grief because clients are afraid that EMDR therapy will “take away” the grief and the connection to their loved one or meaningful situations. That is impossible! EMDR therapy cannot take a person’s grief away. What it does is help people process what is stuck and holding them back and causing tremendous pain. If losses are not processed they can lead to distressing symptoms and dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. Through consciously exploring the impact of loss, therapists will deepen their understanding of the complex factors contributing to the grief process. Our integrative approach helps clients move with and through their pain emotionally, physically and spiritually using somatic tools that will help clients feel more alive and present while still honoring the complexity of the loss.

In this EMDRIA approved two-day Somatic EMDR Workshop you will transform your practice immediately by:

  • Recognizing how different kinds of losses cause a variety of dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and body sensations.
  • Looking at early childhood attachment and how that impacts with how people grieve and experience loss.
  • Finding targets and protocols to create safety and reprocess trauma and grief to help clients feel more connected to their bodies and fell their lives more fully.
  • Incorporating somatic tools so that clients can integrate the grief response by maintaining a connection to their bodies, emotions, with a greater sense of compassion.


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