Individuals and Couples

NHA Personalized Wilderness Therapy and Coaching Intensives
Personalized, Transformational Experiences in the Wilderness

What is a Wilderness Directions experience?

  • An individualized wilderness experience focused entirely on your personal growth and goals
  • An intensive experience that provides clarity and direction for those trying to bring about change in life or career
  • An opportunity for self-reflection and healing
  • An opportunity to enhance and support your current therapy, or to engage in a singular life-changing experience
  • Multi-day, outdoor/backcountry experiences that are individually designed for your unique goals

What can you expect from a Wilderness Directions experience?

  • Complete attention on supporting your personal growth
  • A safe, thoughtful, and dynamic environment
  • Integration of expressive therapies
  • Pre and post-experience support
  • Transformational Learning, life-coaching, spiritual development, and wilderness guiding
  • Contemplative awareness skills
  • Instruction of basic wilderness skills (if needed)

Is a Wilderness Directions experience right for you?
Wilderness Directions is most effective if you:

  • Are serious and committed to living a conscious and meaningful life
  • Have a love of nature (wilderness experience is not required)
  • Are wanting to understand more about your purpose in life
  • Are willing and able to take days off to be in the wilderness
  • Are seeking the support to work intensively with current life issues and struggles
  • Are seeking enhancement in relationship, career, or life
  • Are currently in therapy or coaching and are open to creating a wilderness experience that supports the therapeutic process

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