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Nature-based Therapy, Place, and Ceremony

Jamie Blackburn of Inner Map Project delves into conversation with Katie about her work with clients and practitioners in regard to the transformative power of conscious connection with the natural, more-than-human world. In this podcast, they talk about the power of being connected with the land and nature beings right where you are now, ways of deepening connection with nature, and the power of engaging in nature-based Ceremony and ritual to support healing and growth.


interview with katie

Full-body Prayer: Weaving the Strands of Earth, Soma, & Soul

In this conversation with Alyona and Alexandre of A Healing Bridge, Katie shares her deep love for human beings and the Earth, and guides us back into the place where our bodies interconnect with the wild world. If you’re interested in hearing about: Body as Home, Nature as Healer, Personally Meaningful & Culturally Relevant Ceremony, Ritual & Rites of Passage you’ll likely enjoy this conversation. Watch the interview here .⠀



nourished online conference

Incorporating Nature-based Ceremony in Therapy for Resource, Trauma Healing, & Rites of Passage

In this presentation as part of the Nourished Online Conference Katie gives an overview of nature-based therapy, ceremony, and the role these can play in supporting clients through life transition as well as in healing trauma. She introduces the concepts of Resourcing and Rites of Passage, and discusses why these are powerful to include in healing work. In addition, Katie speaks to the benefits of incorporating ceremony into the therapeutic process and how it can support clients in more consciously marking major life transitions, including moving through and healing from traumatic experiences. Finally, she offers listeners/attendees a brief outline for how to create personally meaningful ceremonies within the context their work with clients. You can enjoy it here.


embodied and awake

Nature As Healer

In this conversation on Embodied and Awake with Alison Rothman, Katie and Alison talk about the necessity of tending to our own self-care, being guided by inspiration, and how we can affect change in the world from a heart-centered perspective. Katie dives into the realm of somatic wilderness therapy and our interconnection with our bodies, the natural world, and each other.


stories from the field




Stories from the Field Podcast: Interview with Katie Asmus

In this 45-minute conversation with Will White on his podcast, Stories From The Field, Katie discusses her journey into the field of Wilderness Therapy, which began when she learned about outdoor education and committed to pursuing a path of growth. Hear her story and a conversation about the current state of the field.


trusting the natural world

Trusting the Natural World – During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Katie is featured on The Thoughtful Counselor Podcast discussing the therapeutic benefit of relationship with the natural world – more specifically, offering practical strategies that counselors and their clients can use to connect to the natural world for self-care, guidance, and support during this challenging time. Katie shares ideas for experiential and trauma-informed exercises that therapists can utilize during in-person and tele-therapy sessions.



Everyday Sacred: Cultivating Connection to Self-Care, Ceremony and Ritual in Modern Times

In this hour-long conversation from the FireKeepers Global Online Summit with Ben Marchman, Katie invites us to consider how we stay connected to our visions and to the sacred on a daily basis while also caring for ourselves and maintaining our alignment and boundaries.

In this interview, you’ll hear about the importance of community, of witnessing and of sustaining self in service of community in these processes. You can listen here or watch a video of our conversation here.


healing trauma video cover

Healing Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth

Healing Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth, an interview with Dr. Noah Goldstein, explores many aspects of trauma, post-traumatic growth, and how EMDR and Rites of Passage approaches can support trauma healing; including how sometimes, traumas can serve as an opportunity for growth.

“…anytime we’re pushed into an experience that awakens us to a reality that there’s something deeper… that’s where a lot of beautiful growth expansion happens.” – Katie Asmus


higher practice podcast

Ceremonies and Nature-based Rituals in Counseling

This episode of The Higher Practice Podcast with Keith Kurlander comes from the moderated portion of my two-hour continuing education course in the Higher Practice Institute.

You’ll hear about wilderness therapy and nature-based therapy and the ways in which they differ. We discuss in detail how you can use nature-based ritual and ceremony to foster healing in your clients, thereby supporting you in not always relying on yourself as the primary healer.


katie asmus interview

Trauma & the Body: Interview with Soul Tree Project

In this interview with Ryan Holsapple, of Soul Tree Project, Katie and Ryan talked for just under an hour about the wisdom of the body and its role in effectively working through trauma.

Check it out to hear more on this topic, and get a sense of Katie’s understanding and orientation to healing.