Ila Anemone Zeeb, MA, LPCC

Hello. I know that it can take tremendous courage to reach out for support or look for answers to our most intimate questions and challenges. I believe that every human being deserves support, and no one should have to face hardship and pain in isolation. I view you as inherently worthy of love and belonging, and I know that you are on your very personal journey. A journey that is significant. Your life and your experience of your life truly matters. Along with the challenges that life brings, there is also profound resilience inherent in us. In therapy, we honor your strengths while facilitating new possibilities that reflect your authenticity and capacity to thrive.

I have experience supporting clients with personal growth, self-esteem, interpersonal violence, psychological abuse, addiction, trauma, depression & anxiety. I integrate trauma theories, EMDR, body psychotherapies, neuroscience, attachment, and cultural theories. I hold a social equity lens, and I have an understanding of empaths/HSP.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in an understanding of the nervous system and the mind-body connection. From this perspective, much of what we struggle with are calls to action or an attempt to process and find relief, safety, resolution—potentially leading us to a renewed sense of aliveness and connectedness to ourselves and others. Whatever you are struggling with, I know that you make sense!

We live in the context of the environments we have internalized from the past and our current cultural, community, and family context. We all take on feelings, beliefs, and identities based on the family and cultural messages we grew up with. This can mean that you learned to behave or think about yourself in a certain way that holds you back now, that you internalized messages about who you are, or that you are impacted by unhealthy norms or systemic inequities. I hope to support you in understanding your life’s contexts and regaining your authentic self and voice.

I am an immigrant, and I was raised internationally. My upbringing led me to seek a deep understanding of personal growth, trauma integration, and utilizing the body’s wisdom. I have done twenty years of my own personal growth work, and I continue to engage in personal and professional development. I experience being a therapist as a gift.

Formal Education

MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Concentration in Somatic Psychotherapy, Naropa University, 2015
Certificate: Diversity and Inclusion, Cornell University, 2021

Additional Experience & Training

  • Somatic Trauma Training with Katie Asmus (Certificate, 50 Hours)
  • EMDR Trained
  • Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy Training with David Sawyer (Certificate, 200 Hours)
  • Short-term Trauma Therapy Interventions with Janina Fisher
  • Inclusive Advocacy Training and Anti-Oppression Facilitation Training
  • Telehealth & Anxiety Treatment in the Age of Social Distancing
  • ASIST Suicide First-Aid Training
  • Sexual Assault Response Training
  • LGBTQ Competency Training by The Network for LGBT Health Equity
  • Domestic Violence in LGBTQI Populations
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Neurobiology of Trauma Training
  • Training on ‘How to work with anxiety’
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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