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Somatic Nature-based Psychotherapist

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(303) 881-8802
Boulder, CO


Clinical and Therapeutic Experience

Psychotherapist in Private Practice

2003 – Present • Boulder, Colorado

Practice as a Body-Centered Psychotherapist both in the office and outside in the natural world.

• Practicing EMDR since 2004
• Provide one-on-one Wilderness Directions, intensive multi-day therapeutic experiences in the wilderness.
• Coordinate and lead life transition journeys, as well as Solo Fasts

LPC Supervisor in Private Practice

2007 – Present • Boulder, Colorado

Provide individual and group supervision for therapists attaining hours for CO licensure.

2009 – Present EMDR Consultant
Colorado & Remote

Coordinate and facilitate in-person and phone based EMDR consultation groups for therapists around the country for continuing skill acquisition.

• Provide consultation and mentorship to therapists becoming Certified EMDR practitioners and consultants
• Assisted in the Basic EMDR training with Awake Mind and provided 10 hours of required consultation to up to 18 therapists per training (2009-2013)
• Practicing EMDR since 2004

2004 – 2007 Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), Boulder, CO

Recruit, screen and act as co-therapist for a 15-week support group for women survivors of sexual assault.

1999 – 2011 Colorado Outward Bound School, Leadville, CO
Course Director / Instructor

Lead 3-14 day educational and therapeutic wilderness experiences for adolescents, adults, and a variety of special populations. Groups facilitated include individuals with cancer, head injuries, behavioral and emotional issues, survivors of violence, and life transition issues. Train and supervise field staff in working experientially with clinical populations.

2002 – 2005 Family Quest of Colorado
Experiential Education Coordinator

Develop and facilitate: group initiative trainings for Life Coaches working with families; a variety of Experiential Coaching programs for families, schools and community organizations; an experiential adventure based curriculum called ‘Choice is Power’ for teens.

2000 – 2004 Boulder County Safehouse, Boulder, CO
Women’s Counselor

Coordinated counseling, education, and advocacy services in Boulder and the local mountain communities for victims of domestic violence: facilitated group counseling for Women at the Boulder County Jail, and Boulder Shelter for the Homeless; provided training, feedback, and evaluation for new staff and interns; coordinated case-management and weekly skill building groups for families living in a transitional housing program.

November, 2001 CCAMP, Bisbee, AZ
Wilderness Therapist

Co-created and facilitated a weekend initiative/climbing program for families in a transitional program.

1999 – 2001 Boulder County Safehouse Shelter, Boulder, CO
Women’s Counselor Intern

Facilitated individual and group counseling, provided case management and crisis line relief in a shelter serving women and children leaving domestic violence situations.

1998 – 1999 Frasier Meadows Manor, Boulder, CO
Therapeutic Recreation Activities Intern

Provided therapeutic groups and one-on-one interaction for individuals living in a residential health care facility.

1995 – 1996 Mental Health Services West: Bridgeview Community,
Portland, OR
Residential Counselor

Facilitated skill-building and socialization, and provided crisis intervention in a residential housing program for 62 adults with chronic mental illness. Developed and facilitated a variety of weekly therapeutic groups including: women’s group, movement group, community concerns, games group, and weekly picnics. Provided weekly individual counseling, support and progress notes as the primary counselor for 4 clients

1995 – 1997 Mental Health Services West, Portland, OR
Residential Counselor: Relief Staff

Glisan Street House: Counseled and provided support services for adults with dual-diagnosis of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse.
The Taft: Counseled and supported chronically mentally ill senior adults in a residential mental health facility.

Academic Teaching Experience

2015 – Present Maiberger Institute
Approved EMDR Therapy Consultant & Trainer

2010 – Present Maiberger Institute, with Barb Maiberger
Instructor & Designer of EMDRIA Approved Advanced Courses

• Developed and co-facilitate EMDR Toolkit for Complex PTSD course worth 12 CEU’s
• Developed and co-facilitate Self-Care for Therapists course worth 12 CEU’s

2009 – Present Assistant in EMDR Therapy Approved Training
with Julie Greene

Support students in learning the basic EMDR protocol, offer consultation group between weekends I & II for counselors in EMDR training, and supported session demos (since 2005).

2003 – Present Naropa University, Boulder, CO
Instructor in M.A. Wilderness Therapy

• Group Dynamics and Outdoor Leadership: Falls 2003 – present
• Mountain/Backpack Field section and Ropes Course sections Faculty: Falls 2003 – present
• Rites of Passage: Springs 2006 – present
• Transitions Across the Lifespan: Springs 2013 – present
• Outdoor Skills I: Falls 2003 – 2009
• Outdoor Skills II: Springs 2006 – 2012
• Child and Adolescent Interventions: Springs 2004 – 2012
• River section Field Instructor: Springs 2004 –2015
• Ropes Course section Faculty: Falls 2003 – 2009

2008 – 2011 Naropa University, Boulder, CO
Adjunct Faculty in M.A. Somatic Psychology

• Internship Seminar I: Fall 2009 – 2010
• Internship Seminar II: Spring 2008, 2011

2009 – Present Prescott College, Prescott, AZ
Graduate Instructor, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Teach various Independent Study courses with focus in Somatic Psychology, Mindfulness and Adventure Based Psychotherapy, Ceremony and Ritual, and Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy.

2004 – 2008 Prescott College, Prescott, AZ
Graduate Instructor/Advisor

Graduate advisor / instructor for low residency M.A. Counseling Psychology students.

2005 – 2008 Naropa University, Boulder, CO
Assistant Director, M.A. Wilderness Therapy Program

Coordinate the faculty and scheduling field sections for the 2nd year of this 3-year M.A. program.

2003 – 2005 Naropa University, Boulder, CO
Adjunct Faculty Coordinator M.A. Wilderness Therapy

Coordinate the faculty and scheduling field sections for the 2nd year of this 3-year M.A. program.

2004 – 2005 Naropa University, Boulder, CO
Internship Coordinator

2004 – Present Prescott College, Prescott, AZ
Student Advisor, Master of Arts Program (MAP)

Mentor students in creating individualized, distance learning M.A. degrees in Adventure Education, and Adventure-Based Psychotherapy. Act as primary evaluator for students’ coursework, which includes: study packets for each academic course, internship experience and thesis project and paper.

2004, Fall Center for Wilderness Therapy: Naropa Extended Studies
Boulder, CO

Co-taught a 14-day residential Clinical First Responder course, with the goal of teaching basic clinical skills to field staff working in Wilderness Therapy programs.

2004, Spring Western State College, Gunnison, CO
Adjunct Faculty

Embracing the Unspoken: An Experiential Exploration of the Creative Arts

2001 Naropa University, Boulder, CO
Teaching Assistant, M.A. Somatic Psychology

• Creative Arts Therapies – Fall 2001
• Moving Through Birth and Death – Spring 2001
• Group Movement Skills – Spring 2001

2001 – 2002 Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Boulder, CO
Guest Lecturer on Domestic Violence: Ethics

Front Range Community College, Fort Collins, CO
Guest Lecturer

• Developmental Psychology
• Experiential Education
• Body-Mind Psychotherapy

Education & Trainings
➢ M.A. Somatic Psychology: Dance/Movement Therapy, Naropa University – 2002
➢ B.A. General Studies, University of Dayton, OH – 1994
➢ Wilderness Encounter – one-on-one mentoring with Dr. Roger Strachan, 2005 – Present
➢ Level 1 & 2 EMDR Therapy Training, 2004/2006
➢ Matrix-works Group Leadership Training, 2000 – 2001
➢ 40-hour Clinical Hypnosis Training, 1997 – 1998

Professional Certifications
➢ EMDR Consultant in Training, Consultant, 2009 – Present
➢ Right Use of Power: Ethics for Helping Professionals, Trained Instructor, 2003
➢ Certified Body-Mind Psychotherapist, Trainer, with Susan Aposhyan, 2000 – Present
➢ Wilderness First Responder and CPR for the Professional Rescuer, continuously updated

Publications & Research

Deepening the Paradigm of Choice: Exploring Choice & Power in Experiential Education in (Ed.), (2008), Theory & Practice of Experiential Education, AEE

Ritual in Eardly, S, (2005), Dancing in the Light.

Emotional Risk Management: Identifying and Working with Emotional Trauma in the Wilderness Setting Through Body-Centered Interventions, Journal of Therapeutic Wilderness Camping, Winter/Spring 2004

M.A. Thesis: Resourcing the Body: Working with Trauma in Experiential Adventure Education through Dance/Movement Therapy, 2002

Professional Presentations
“Resourcing the Body: Identifying and Working with Trauma in Adventure Therapy/Education”
Keynote Address: Association for Experiential Education, Adventure Therapy Professional Group Pre-conference – Norfolk, VA – November, 2004
Presented: Association for Experiential Education Intntl Conference – Madison, WI – 2012
Association for Experiential Education Intntl Conference – Montreal, Canada – 2009
Association for Experiential Education Intntl Conference – Vancouver, WA – 2008
Naropa University, Wilderness Therapy Symposium ¬– Boulder, CO – September, 2008
Association for Experiential Education Intntl Conference – Little Rock, AR – 2007
Prescott College, M.A. Colloquium – Prescott, AZ – February, 2007
Naropa University, Wilderness Therapy Symposium – Boulder, CO – September, 2004
Association for Experiential Education Regional Conference – Boone, NC – 2003
Association for Experiential Education Regional Conference – Prescott, AZ – 2002
Association for Experiential Education International Conference – Tucson, AZ – 2000
Training for Hands On Resources – Boulder, CO – Summer, 2001

“Rite Use of Power: Empowering Clients through Investigating and Owning our Personal
Relationships with Power”
Presented: Association for Experiential Education Pre-Conference – Orlando, FL – 2018

“Connecting with Ground: Exploring the Power of Nature and Mindfulness for Trauma Healing & Nervous System Regulation”
Presented: International Adventure Therapy Conference – 2018

“The Power and Practice of Rites of Passage”
Presented: International Adventure Therapy Conference – 2018

“Of Soul & Spirit: Conscious Incorporation of Spirituality and the Transpersonal in Adventure/WT”
Presented: International Adventure Therapy Conference – Denver, CO – 2015
Association for Experiential Education Intntl Conference – Portland, OR – 2015

“Coming Back to our Roots: The Incorporation of Nature-Based Mindfulness Practices in MH”
Presented: Yampa Valley Wellness Conference – Steamboat Springs, CO – 2014

“Being a Reflective Practitioner”
Presented: Association for Experiential Education TAPG Pre-Conference – TN – 2014

“Deepening the Bond: Contemplative Practices in Nature”
Presented: Association for Experiential Education Intntl Conference – Denver, CO – 2013
Naropa University – Wilderness Therapy Symposium – September, 2006

“Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Cutting Edge Body-Centered Skills for Treating Trauma”
Presented: Naropa University, Wilderness Therapy Symposium – Boulder, CO – September, 2013

“Waking Up to NOW: Integrating Mindfulness-Based Practices in Educ. and Counseling Programs”
Presented: Association for Experiential Education Intntl Conference – Las Vegas, NV – 2010

“Treating Trauma through Mindfulness and Body-Centered Interventions”
Presented: Association for Experiential Education Intntl Conference – 2009

“The New Psychology of Wilderness Therapy”
Presented: Naropa University, Wilderness Therapy Symposium – Boulder, CO – September, 2009

“Body as Holographic Earth”
Presented: International Association for Creative Arts Therapies – Boone, NC – Spring 2007

“Developing the Witness: Incorporating Mindfulness exercises into EE”
Presented: Assoc. for Experiential Education Regional Conf. – Estes Park, CO – Spring 2007
Assoc. for Experiential Education International Conference – Tucson, AZ – Fall 2005

“Competencies and Training in Becoming a Wilderness/Adventure Therapist”
Presented: Assoc. for Experiential Education International Conference – Tucson, AZ – Fall 2005

“Creating Context for Safety and Empowerment through Choice”
Presented: Naropa University – Wilderness Therapy Symposium – September, 2005

“Grounding Techniques for Wilderness Therapy Clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”
Presented: Naropa University – Wilderness Therapy Symposium – September, 2004

“Right Use of Power”
Presented: Boulder County Safehouse – Social Justice Training Series – November, 2003

“Reflection and Expression in Wilderness Experience Through Creative Arts”
Presented: Naropa University – Wilderness Therapy Symposium – September, 2003

“Trauma and the Body”
Presented: Boulder County Safehouse – Social Justice Training Series – November, 2002

“Dancing Between Worlds: Incorporating Wilderness Therapy into Dance Therapy Programming”
Presented: American Dance Therapy Association Int’l Conference – Chicago, IL –Fall 1999
Group Movement Skills, M.A. Dance Therapy program – Naropa – Spring 2000
M.A. Somatic Psychology Department workshop – Naropa – Fall 1999

Training & Workshop Facilitation

Bridging Soma & Soul: Somatic Trauma Training
6-12 month Somatic Trauma Training and Mentorship for therapists – Boulder, CO – 2011 to present
Teach continuing education on Somatic Trauma work to organizations, classes, and community groups – 2002 to present

Therapeutic Collaborations with the Natural World
5-day wilderness-based clinical skills training for psychotherapists – Summers 2007 to present

Understanding Stress, Trauma and PTSD: A Wholistic Informative and Skill-based Workshop
Full day workshop at Community Professionals Training – Lawrence, MI – 2018

Building a Bigger Boat: A Practical Approach To Integrating Adventure Therapy into the Mainstream
Half-day workshop at AEE Professional Development Intensive – Orlando, FL – 2018

Sacred Facilitation Skills Training
12-month mentorship for therapists and facilitators – Boulder, CO – 2016

Self Care for Therapists
2-day course exploring practices to counteract compassion fatigue – Boulder, CO – 2013

Life Renewal Journey Courses
2-week transformational travel retreat for women – New Zealand – 2011
2-week journey for Women in Life Transition – Peru – 2009

Wilderness Quest for Women
6-day wilderness quest – Jamestown, CO – 2010

Parts-Work Workshop
3-day workshop – Boulder, CO – 2010

Therapeutic Applications of Nature
6-day training for professionals and students – Boulder, CO – 2009 & 2010

Wilderness Leadership Course
12-day training in backcountry skills, leadership, and ecopsychology – CO – 2009

Welcoming Your Self Home
3-day rite of passage retreat for women – New Mexico – 2009

Women in the Wild
8-day program including vision fast for women in transition – Boulder, CO – 2009

Clinical First Responder Instructor
Peak Performance – 2007 to present

Women’s Soul Journey Workshops
8-week ongoing group workshop format – Boulder, CO ¬– Spring 2004 – 2008
Multiple workshops – Boulder, CO – Winter 2006 to present

Outdoor Leadership Training Course
14-day training – Sangre de Christo Mountain Range, CO – July 2007

Next Steps with Katie Asmus; Women’s Wilderness Institute Course
4-day life coaching course for women in transition – Canyons, UT – May 2007 – 2010

Working with PTSD through Adventure, Play & Movement
3-day training at National Taiwan Sport University – Gueishan, Taiwan

Co-Creating Birth
5-week movement-oriented group for pregnant parents – Boulder, CO – 1999

Outdoor Adventure Trips and Rope Courses for Adolescents
30-day canoe expedition – Atikaki Wilderness, Canada
Multiple trips/courses for America Youth Foundation – Shelby, MI – Summers 1991, 1994, 1997

High and Low Ropes Courses for Team Building Programs
Develop, coordinate, train instructors, and facilitate multiple team building programs utilizing high and low ropes courses for schools, corporations and community groups.
YMCA: Camp Collins, Portland OR – 1996-1997

Therapeutic Wilderness Experiences
Develop and co-facilitate 1-10 day wilderness experiences (backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, spelunking, rafting, biking, high and low ropes courses) for school, community, corporate, and special population groups of up to 200 participants based on the experiential education model.
Lead therapeutic wilderness and urban adventure excursions for developmentally disabled adults.
American Youth Foundation: STREAM, St. Louis, MO – 1995

References available on request