Courting Your Medicine

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Courting Your Medicine for Therapists, Healers, & Emerging Priestesses

A 4-Month Deep Dive into Finding and Embodying Your Sacred Purpose

Boulder, CO

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The Soul Call:

We are all here for a reason; we each have unique spiritual gifts that help us to live our purpose in the world. The core of these gifts is what we call “Soul Medicine.”

You may be a massage therapist, or a Feldenkrais practitioner, or a gestalt-trained psychotherapist, but these are not your Soul Medicine. Your Medicine is something deeper, more sacred, and often more hidden.

courting your medicine quoteThe trouble is most people never discover what their Soul Medicine is or how

to bring it into the world. They suffer the pain of feeling ungiven—their sacred fruits rotting on the tree. They get in their own way, trip over their shadow, get sidetracked with others’ expectations, or become lost in confusion, self-doubt, or fear.

If you are drawn to this training, you are different.

Courting Your Medicine is for therapists and healers of all types who have heard the beginnings of a Soul Call and are ready to court, embody, and live their medicine into the world. It’s for those who long to be fully given and to truly and authentically serve (without leaving themselves behind).

What You Will Get:


    • You will not learn a particular modality in this training. You will learn how to unlock your medicine and the optimal conditions for bringing your gifts forward.


    • We can’t promise you will walk away “finished” or “perfect.” We can promise you will walk away clearer than you’ve ever been about what is yours to offer, and with the deep confidence to live your genius into the world.


    • You will have the opportunity to heal power dynamics that would otherwise keep you playing small or puff you up out of arrogance.


    • You will learn the Code of You and create a copy of your own Soul Medicine Operating Instructions.


    • You will have the opportunity to clear old contracts that no longer fit, release family dynamics and ancestral patterns that would keep you small, and remake your blueprint for life.


    • You will learn the secrets to stop poisoning yourself (and others) with your Medicine and learn how instead to use it for the greatest good.


    • You will receive the gift of being truly seen by a Soul tribe who has the capacity to mirror back to you who you really are.


    • You will have the opportunity to be deeply inspired, moved, wowed, and awed by an extraordinary group of people up to radical mischief and terrible goodness in the world.


    • You will learn to trust yourself and your power.


    • You will receive the deep satisfaction of knowing who you really are and the tools, exercises, and guidance you need to birth your gifts into the world.


Who This Training is For:

You, if:

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    • You have desire for something greater, and have a sense that there is some as-of-yet unlived potency in you longing to be born.


    • You are ready to step more fully into yourself and are willing to work through the challenges you meet along the way.


    • You are a therapist or healer of any kind (acupuncturist, massage therapist, energy healer, coach, psychotherapist, etc. etc. etc).


    • You long to come into right relationship with your power—to not hide from it or get arrogant, but to own what’s yours to own.


    • You have a deep desire to feel more confident inside yourself and in the world, to feel the rightness that comes with knowing what you are here to do.


    • You are courageous—willing to go into the dark terrain of your own shadow to discover the hidden treasures there (this does not mean that you are not afraid!).


    • You are ready to show up completely and allow yourself to be changed in service of bringing your deepest offering to the world.


    • You are more committed to embodying your Soul than to staying safe or playing small (even if it is scary).


    • You are up to important individual and/or social healing and planetary change (even if you don’t know it yet).


    • You’ve done some basic psychological and spiritual work and are able to own (at least some of) your projections and break down your stories and use them for your growth.


    • You have a sense that your challenges are opportunities to grow rather than simply obstacles and sometimes even celebrate and applaud your own difficulties (even while simultaneously cursing them).


    • You are grateful to have the opportunity to do your Soul Work and see it as a privilege.


  • You’ve resonated with much of the language you’ve seen here and have a sense (even though you don’t quite know why yet) that this training is for you.


Stay Informed for Next Year

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What to Expect:

We will engage in Soul-centered work in nature, deep imagery, embodiment practices, mirroring, radical truth-telling, sacred theater, shadow work, journaling, art-making, and the spontaneous magic and awe of being human. We will use all these to lift the veil and glimpse, court, and embody our unique way of belonging to the world.In addition to the time together, we are including personalized homework assignments, and culminating “ceremonies” to mark your initiation into your gifts.

If you allow it, this training can change your life.



image of woman“This was by far the most impactful group training I have ever attended. [The facilitators’] deep care and tending for the container and their ability to create a safe and sacred space was profound. Courting changed my perspective on my work 180 degrees—I went from thinking I was going to focus on how to build my business to coming fully home to myself and bringing me into the world. If you are thinking of joining this program I’d say, trust your inner yes. Your presence in Courting will gift you in ways that you could never imagine.” —Justine, Spirit Keeper + Purveyor of Joy

image of woman“This training was the best thing ever. I fucking loved it—the sisterhood, the land, the magic, the evoking of the directions and spirits, the ritual, the safety of the container, the support and love of [the leaders]. It was life-changing in the best of ways. I now see myself as someone with unique gifts to offer. I feel like I belong here . Like I am complete as is. If you enter into Courting you will leave with a deep self-trust and inner knowing. You will know yourself (and the Divine) as the director of your own story.” —Lynn Wolfbrandt, Writer + Sex and Intimacy Guide

image of woman“This training was a pivotal experience in my life. The gift of it will ripple out for eons and across realms. [The facilitators] are total rock stars – human, wise, hilarious, gifted, inspiring… I could go on and on and on. I am in awe. Let yourself say yes if you are in any way pulled into this training but may not feel certain. You are pulled because your medicine is needed and I guarantee you’ll come out the other side filled, fueled and focused. Welcome home!” —Emily Waldeck, Designer + Ceremonialist

image of woman“Courting Your Medicine is an intensive and powerful journey! If you are prepared not to hide but to show up in your wholeness and vulnerability then you will receive the most important gift of your life—the ability to fully embody and serve through your Medicine.” —Yasmin Suarez Shaddox, Essence Igniter + Founder of “Soulskin Journeys”

image of woman“This training has allowed me to get in touch and learn to love all of who I am. It has given me the wonderful gift of coming home to the healer I am. My ability to hold a safe space for my client has dramatically deepened. I’d say, to anyone who is considering diving in, do it! And be prepared to be shaken and come out expansive and transformed.” —Karina Maria Tibble, MA, Women’s Counselor

image of woman“When I think of Courting Your Medicine, I think of reverence, inspiration, and Soul-rebirthing. This training brought me back to myself and my soul’s journey. It set me back on my true path. I am not just a psychotherapist, I am so much more. [The program leaders] are masterful and humble. It is clear that they have done their own inner work, and this created the foundation for magic to flow.” —Callie Shively, Little Warrior-Spirit Fighter, Psychotherapist + Energy Healer

image of woman“If it feels right, trust yourself and say yes. And be ready to step into your essence more than you ever thought was possible.” —Mary Lynn Neiman, Energy Light Worker, former Director of StarHouse/ASC


2022 Dates TBA

We will be offering a series of workshops exploring some of the themes we delve into in the full Courting Your Medicine program. Join the list below to find out about these offerings!

Who We Are

image of katie laughingKatie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP describes her soul’s work as bringing forth the innate wisdom within every-BODY, and opening people’s minds and hearts to greater possibilities. Founder of the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Insittute, Katie practices as a somatic and wilderness psychotherapist, life coach, educator, mentor, workshop facilitator, and wilderness quest guide. She is a deeply committed lover of life, people, self-actualization, and the more-than-human world. Katie has been teaching and facilitating educational and transformative group experiences for more than 30 years. She teaches graduate students at Naropa and Prescott College, and teaches internationally in the areas of Somatic Trauma work, Wilderness Therapy and Expressive Arts therapies. Katie is constantly in awe of the strength of the human spirit and the inherent wisdom of our body-minds.

image of angela aaronAngela Aaron, MA, LPC believes fully that our capacity to evolve and grow is earth shattering, just like the roots of a tree. She is the founder of Expanding Roots Integrative Wellness and co-founder of the Sacred Path Healing Center, a collaborative of integrative practitioners in Boulder, Colorado. Angela is an integrative psychotherapist, wilderness therapist, group facilitator, supervisor, and teaches at the Naropa Graduate School of Psychology. She has been working in the mental health field for over 15 years and feels truly blessed that she found her calling in this work. Angela is from rural Maine, and this is where her love for being in intimate relationship with the natural world first took hold. Angela believes that innate wisdom and vibrant health lie within us, ready and waiting, we just need the right container for it to come through.
Learn more about Angela’s work at

image of melodyMelody Mischke, CAP is guided by her conviction that we each have exquisite wisdom and gifts to bring forth—and that doing so elevates both our individual and collective experience. Melody is a certified Transformational Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Heart-Based Meditation Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Writer, Intuitive. She founded Live In Resonance to weave these diverse threads together into a potent transformational space for her clients. Melody’s grounded wisdom, highly skilled capacity to hold space, and her razor-sharp aptitude for seeing the full potential in others—alongside their most critical stumbling blocks—make her a highly sought-after coach and facilitator. She writes regularly for Banyan Botanicals, and in her free time, enjoys singing, dancing, and venturing into wild places with her family. Learn more about Melody’s work at