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If you are here you may be looking for support in:

  • Getting unstuck in some area of your life
  • Healing old wounds
  • Working through current life challenges
  • Living more intentionally
  • Creating a life you love

Our Counseling and Coaching services can take place in person or virtually, indoors or out.  Continue reading to discern the best service and the next step for you.

counseling is for you if


  • You feel the impact of  unresolved past circumstances and need support in resolving the effect they have had on your life. This could be a stressful experience or situation that you weathered over time, or a single incident that left you feeling hurt, scared, angry, or disempowered, or you just are not feeling quite yourself.  
  • You experience symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Despair, Hopelessness, Trauma, or PTSD and want support in feeling better.
  • You juggle with one or more stressful relationship issues and want insight, as well as tools to more skillfully and lovingly engage.
  • You intuit that diving more deeply into understanding yourself, your personality, and your past’s influence would benefit you in living a more fully satisfying and love-filled life.
coaching is for you if


  • You want to live a more satisfying and inspired life in alignment with your values.
  • You have a specific area of life — a personal project, an overall life structure, a work experience, for instance — that you would like support in shifting.
  • You wish to create a life structure that will best support you in living your best self.
  • You desire guidance and mentoring in creating your private practice in the healing arts.


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Still not sure whether Counseling or Coaching would be the better format for you? Be in touch with us for a further conversation: 720-507-6247 or [email protected]



Adults | Teens | Individuals | Couples | Families | Groups



Individual sessions typically run 55, 70, 85, or 115 minutes long

Couples and families are encouraged to schedule 85-minute to 3-hour long sessions. Intensives are also available.

Although we do not accept insurance for our therapeutic services, some insurance providers may reimburse you for a portion of out-of-network expenses. Please contact your provider and confirm your options. We offer a range of pricing and a number of sliding scale spots in an effort to make our services accessible to a wider range of people.



Intensives are custom designed based on your particular personal therapeutic or coaching goals. We offer in-office, nature-based, and retreat-style intensives that run anywhere from three hours to ten days. If you are an individual curious to see if an Intensive is right for you click here for additional information. Couples or families please click here to learn more about options for intensives to suit your needs.

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