Counseling & Coaching Intensives

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Counseling or Coaching Intensives are for you if you:

  • Are ready, inspired, and longing to kickstart a particular therapeutic or life goal.
  • Want to do a focused piece of therapeutic or coaching work in a concentrated amount of time.
  • Wish to take time out of your daily routine to focus on YOU and your well-being.
  • Yearn to go deep into your process of growth with support and guidance.
  • Long to get out into Nature for inspiration and support for your healing or growth process (Note: time outdoors is not a requirement).
  • Are seriously ready to make a change.

Intensives are custom designed for you and may include a combination of Somatic, Nature-based, Experiential therapy or coaching techniques, as well as EMDR therapy.

Cost of an intensive is based on the timeframe, the number of participating clients, the number of staff required, lodging, food, and travel.



The intensive process comprises five components:

1. A 45-minute Discovery Session — in person or via technology — will assess if this is the right structure for your desires and goals.

2. If this format appears to be a good support for you and your goals, we will schedule a two-hour session to gain more clarity about:

      • Your goals and desires
      • Duration of Intensive
      • A logistical plan to best support your process, which includes the determination of time and location, modalities to be used, and cost based on all pertinent factors.

3. One-to-three preparation sessions will support you in getting the most out of your Intensive. This may include sessions to continue fleshing out your current situation, past influencing factors, and goals. It may also include identifying preparation exercises.

4. The Therapeutic or Coaching Intensive will include a plan for next steps as you move forward.

5. Depending on your current situation and the support structure in your life, we typically meet one-to-three more times for follow-up sessions. Again, these may take place in person or at a distance.

We will endeavor to support you during the last two phases so you can create a personal integration plan, and will recommend how best you can continue unfolding the results of your intensive.


Take your next steps:

Contact us at 303-881-8802 or email us at [email protected] to determine if this is the right next step for you.


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