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The Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute Offers:

Counseling • Coaching • Supervision & Consultation • Rites of Passage • Professional Trainings


While the Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute is headquartered in Boulder, CO, our integrated services, programs, and trainings are offered in various locations around the globe.  As a result, people come from far and wide to work with us.  

We invite you to contact us to inquire about bringing a program to your community.

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Who We Are

plant with rain dropletsAt The Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute, we strive to make the world a better place by supporting you, your students and clients in the quest to learn how to honor your innate wisdom and learn new skills aimed at self-compassion, communication and relationship. Through a holistic approach that addresses body, mind and soul wellness, we work with you to normalize the challenges that come with being human, support a sense of deep inner listening and trust, regain an appreciation for our profound interconnection with the Natural World, and create more love and peace on the planet through supporting humanity to live into its birthright of innate health and wholeness.

labyrinth of rocksFounded by Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, The Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute (previously known as Namaste Healing Arts) is devoted to supporting the processes of learning, growing, and healing while deeply honoring the complexity and beauty of the human experience. We respect and acknowledge the innate wisdom as well as challenges that each of us uniquely holds. We recognize that our health and wholeness are inextricably connected not only to the well-being of our own bodies, minds and spirits, but also to that of our communities, the natural world, and our planet.

The Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute’s unique and progressive approach to healing and wellness is based on:

  • Invoking the inherent wisdom of the body-mind-spirit
  • Collaborating with the natural world as a healer and guide
  • Tapping into our capacities for knowing beyond our rational minds
  • Accessing and appreciating the abundance of the universe

In every way we serve you, we strive to acknowledge and live the complexity of these principles.


Our Philosophy

Our client-centered approach holds you as the ultimate expert of your own life and experience. We support, guide, reflect, and walk alongside you in our work together. We strongly hold the beliefs that:

  • Your body, mind, and spirit are infinitely wise and naturally driven toward health and wholeness.
  • Support and healthy relationships, which include those with humans, the natural world, and, for some, the spiritual or unseen world, are critical to include in the healing and growth process.
  • Experiential embodied therapy and coaching practices include more body-mind participation, thus best supporting access to self-awareness and active experimentation of new possibilities and ways of being in the here and now.
  • The combination of your unique personhood, life experiences, and training make your individual perspective a gift to the world

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How We Work

Our first step is finding out more about you, your goals and needs. Next, together we will identify what it is that will support you in achieving greater wellness and/or skills. In order to best support you in connecting with your own deeper wisdom and health, we draw from the brilliance of the following modalities and bodies of work:

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  • Somatic Psychology methods: Influenced by Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, AEDP
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy
  • Wilderness Therapy: Ecotherapy & Adventure Therapy
  • Expressive Therapies: Influenced by Dance Movement Therapy, Psychodrama, Gestalt Therapy; Art, Music, and Writing interventions
  • Internal Parts Work Methods: Influenced by Self, Soul, Spirit: Mandala Parts Work, Internal Family Systems, Voice Dialogue
  • Ceremony, Ritual & Rites of Passage: Personally meaningful and culturally relevant Ceremony & Rites of Passage based on your personal background and beliefs
  • Soul-centric Methods: Dream Work, Shadow Work, Deep Imagery
  • Relational Methods: Attachment Therapy, PACT (Psychological Affective Couples Therapy), Matrixworks Group Leadership, Non-Violent Communication


The Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute’s Services & Programs

We offer the following services and programs. Click below to find out more about each of these:

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